The Chronicles of Pines and Apples

Yes, you guessed right! I am about to explain to you the Chronicles of pines and apples. Haha, NO. I’m crazy but not THAT crazy to be talking about pines and apples. Get real people. I actually want to talk about this matter regarding eating so much, especially in teenage girls. It just bobbles me over to think that social media in a whole plays the biggest roles behind teenage girls wanting to look ‘perfect’. It’s scary. Bulimia and anorexia. Do you not get that funny chilling down your spine when you hear those words? I do. I’ve read up on these things and it’s scary the lengths these girls go through to appear like their favourite model or celebrity. Hello!? That celebrity has most probably gone through loads and loads of plastic surgery. You, you don’t need none of that stuff. Why,you ask? News Flash!! You’re beautiful and perfect the way you are. Agh, you’ve probably heard thousands of people say that but let me tell you something; I mean it. Now go and give yourself a great big wink and smile in the mirror. Don’t forget to love yourself and your perfect imperfections, yeah?

xx Pineapples



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Okay, so like ‘pineapples’ is my favourite word and catchphrase. You’ll be hearing it a lot. Lol, uhm, I have never written a blog before and I’m pretty psyched about doing so. Please do forgive my weirdness, forwardness and craziness. Yay, my first ever post! Clap for me. Oh, one more thing, If you are going to hate please hit tap on that red ‘x’ on the top right-hand corner of your screen, thanks!

I guess this is it, my first ever blog post. Pineapples!!!